Funding Programs

These funding programs can help take your business to the next level. Find out which funding programs are right for you, the type of financial assistance they provide and how to apply.

Responsible Business Conduct Abroad

Looking for advice or assistance in resolving disputes? Connect with the Office of the Extractive Sector CSR Counsellor today.

Business Women in Trade (BWIT)

BWIT supports Canadian women entrepreneurs in international trade by representing and advocating their commercial and economic interests as they travel along the path to export success.

Export and Import Controls

Are you looking to import goods to Canada or to export to another country? Find up-to-date information on controlled products and learn how to obtain the necessary permits and certificates.

Development and Humanitarian Aid Markets

This website will help you understand how Development and Humanitarian Aid Markets projects are developed and carried out, how development and humanitarian procurement works, where you can find detailed information about procurement and how you can identify business opportunities for your company.

Sell2USGov - U.S. Government Procurement

Are you selling in the United States now? Or to governments in Canada? You might be ready to go after U.S. government contracts. This site is here to help you to win that business.

Trade In Goods – Tariff Information

This section provides information on foreign customs tariff for Canadian exporters.

Inviting a business to Canada

Companies who are inviting a foreign business contact to travel to Canada can find information and advice from various Canadian federal departments.

Trade Negotiations and Agreements

Free trade agreements (FTAs) and foreign investment promotion and protection agreements (FIPAs) between Canada and our trading partners are creating new opportunities for Canadian businesses.

Trade Statistics

Get the most up-to-date commercial information right here. National and provincial economic, investment and trade data are at your fingertips — formatted to fit your mobile device.