As your company seeks to expand its global presence, the TCS can help ensure you’re prepared for the risks and challenges of doing business abroad. The following guides will help you save time and money, and put you on the right footing to succeed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting

A guide to the world marketplace, how to do business there, the principles of exporting and how to develop strategies tailored to companies’ specific needs.

Global Value Chains

Innovative business strategies designed to boost small and medium-sized enterprises in the global marketplace.

Exporting to the United States - A Guide for Canadian Businesses

Useful information, tips and resources about entering the United States market.

Exporting to the EU - A Guide for Canadian Business

Useful information, tips and resources about entering the European Union (EU) market.

Spotlight Series

White papers on a variety of export-related topics to help Canadian companies conduct business abroad more effectively.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation that harmonizes national data privacy laws throughout the EU and enhances the protection of all EU residents with respect to their personal data.

For further advice to help your company export abroad, visit the Knowledge Centre.